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Innovating the next generations of thin, tough glass for mobile devices

By pioneering glass that is thin, lightweight, damage resistant, and responsive to touch, Corning is helping transform the way people use their smartphones. Today, Corning? Gorilla? Glass is featured on billions of mobile devices worldwide. We continue innovating with Gorilla Glass and other technologies to enhance performance, deliver new connectivity features, enable new designs, and support immersive user experiences with augmented reality and 3D sensing.

Protecting Your Precious Device

Protecting Your Precious Device

Corning’s glass technologies have you covered to help protect against the inevitable drops and bumps of life with your device. Tough, beautiful Corning? Gorilla? Glass has continually raised the bar on protection for consumer electronics. It’s the cover glass of choice for more than 45 major manufacturers, and has been featured on more than 6 billion devices. Whether it’s for a smartphone, tablet, wearable, or laptop, we bring more than a decade of experience in delivering tough glass solutions to keep up with you and your adventurous life.

Corning relies on the ion exchange process to create Gorilla Glass’ durable surface. Our latest generation, Gorilla Glass 6, withstands multiple drops onto rough surfaces such as asphalt. At the same time, it transmits light exceptionally well for a bright, gorgeous display on screen. The glass is also thin, keeping your device lightweight and sleek.

Always evolving, Gorilla Glass enables many of the latest trends in consumer devices. Wireless phone charging is possible due to glass and glass-ceramic materials specially engineered for the back of the device. In addition, our glass phone backs come in vibrant colors and can be printed with images for endless style possibilities. And for wearbles, Corning’s new glass composite Gorilla Glass DX+?features the legendary toughness of Gorilla Glass while delivering superior antireflective optics and scratch resistance.

Corning is also partnering with electronics makers on new capabilities, such as augmented reality and 3D sensing technology, to reshape the world’s digital experience once again. The inherent properties of glass, paired with our industry-leading materials science and optical design expertise, make Corning uniquely suited to help customers deliver increasingly demanding functionality for consumer devices and Internet of Things applications. From the technology that recognizes your face, to the glasses enhancing your view of the world, Corning Precision Glass Solutions is collaborating with consumer device manufacturers to deliver the next-generation of life-changing innovations.

Enabling the Future of Mobile Consumer Electronics

New Capabilities for Augmented Reality

Creating the Market for Cover Glass

Creating the Market for Cover Glass

Protecting more than 6 billion devices

In 2007, a major technology company approached Corning about glass for its first smartphone. Plastic scratched too easily, so they wanted a more durable and elegant material. Drawing on decades of glass expertise, Corning delivered the product within six months and created the market for cover glass. To innovate rapidly, Corning scientists and engineers looked at their company’s research from the 1960s and experimented with more than a hundred glass compositions to come up with the right solution. Since then, Gorilla Glass has made its way onto billions of devices and gotten tougher with each generation.

Our Strategic Advantage in Consumer Glass Technologies

Our Strategic Advantage in Consumer Glass

To rapidly innovate in mobile consumer electronics, Corning combines its expertise in glass science and optical physics with its proprietary fusion manufacturing process. Corning first developed this manufacturing process for liquid crystal displays.

Learn how Corning leverages its focused portfolio to uniquely address the Mobile Consumer Electronics market.

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